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528 Cultural Park Boulevard  Cape Coral, FL

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CULTURAL          PARK THEATRE “Where Art Meets Paradise”
Upcoming Auditions
Cultural Park Theatre will be holding auditions for The Dixie Swim Club on December 20th and 21st from 10AM to 1PM. The show will be directed by Anne Dodd and will run February 13,14,15,19,20,21 and 22.

The five female cast play members of a college swim team who meet each summer at a North Carolina beach house. The characters are portrayed at ages 44,49,54 and 77.

Roles to be cast:

Sheree Hollinger: Type A behavior, team leader, boundless energy. Hyper organized health nut. Eternal tomboy and mother.
Dinah Grayson: Wise cracking cynic. High powered attorney in a prestigious law firm in Atlanta. Succeeds at everything except romance.
Lexie Richards: Ultimate Southern belle, vain and youth obsessed. Addicted to cosmetic surgery. Event planner for a chain of hotels. Revels in her status as a man magnet.
Jeri Neal Feeley: Perky, naïve, positive and the group's ray of sunshine. Jeri Neal has been a nun for many years until her life takes a radical turn.
Vernadette Simms: A public school teacher who is the hard luck case of the group. Married early and has a problematic home life. Self-deprecating with a gallows sense of humor.